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Product Description

Rubber V Belts

BINLONG V Belts typical cross-part are built with a engineering, minimal and constant tolerance.
Many thanks to its exact proportions, the belts correctly matches into the standard pulley grooves, and the substantial dimensions selection include all applications in industrial and agricultural market.

  1. Manufacturing Features of Rubber V Belts
    BINLONG V Belts are created for exceptional functionality. Electrical power cables and compound are wrapped with a textile cover, and CZPT maximum security towards heat, oil, ozone.
    BINLONG makes belts with cogs underside thereby reducing the bending resistance of the belts and enabling them to run on pulleys with around twenty% more compact diameters.


  • Set cost-free
  • Anti-static, Oil and Warmth resistant
  • Considerably less noise throughout operation
  • For a longer time support life
  • Stiff & kevlar / aramid accessible
  • Full CZPT lists



Sammen Binlong Transmission Belt Co.,Ltd. Is situated in Xihu (West Lake) Dis. County, HangZhou City, ZHangZhoug Province, in the middle of China. Started in 2008, Binlong organization is a expert manufacturer and exporter of electrical power transmission belts, which are broadly used in automotive, agriculture, coal, metallurgy, mining, engineering machinery, oil. Textile and light-weight sector, building, cement and other fields. Given that the company inception, the merchandise are exported to above fifty international locations in Europe, North America, South America, Center East, Southeast Asia and so on, the high quality has been extensively regarded by customers.
The spirit of “large high quality, excellent provider, outstanding provider, and ongoing advancement” as enterprise philosophy, it was effectively qualified by ISO9001:2008, and the organization gets the CZPT and regard from buyers all all around globe.

6.Shipping,Shipping and Serving of V Belts

  • What about the supply time?
    two-3 days for samples, 25 working days for mass creation. Relies upon on qty/dimensions.
  • The payment expression
    TT / LC / West Union / PayPal / cash
  • Package
    Normal export cartons/bags, box dimension: 650X370X260mm
  • Shipping
    Sea/ Air/ UPS/DHL/TNT/FedEx
  • Right after Services
    We will exchange the belts if consumer acquire the faulty belts.


Q. What is actually the raw materials?
A. Primary content NR, SBR, Polyester wire, Material. Aramid/kevlar accessible.
Q. What’s the bare minimum order qty?
A. Small sizes one hundred pcs every dimensions, massive dimension (above 2500mm) could be more compact, 10 pcs – 50pcs, it relies upon on measurements and CZPT top.
Q.Can we use our model/LOGO ?
A. Yes, we can print customers’ brand names/Logo.
Q. How to promise your high quality?
A. All the uncooked substance are take a look at in lab just before production, the v-belts will be operate on tiredness daily life device.


Choosing a V-Belt

When choosing a v-belt, you ought to understand the attributes of every single sort and how they influence the overall performance of your device. Listed beneath are the attributes of Cogged, Narrow profile, and extensive v-belts. Discover about the positive aspects and down sides of every single. Decide on the correct v-belt for your device to improve its efficiency. Discover about the various supplies used to make v-belts and how they affect the functionality of your machine.

Slim v-belts

While the flat belts are the most frequent variety of v-belt, slender v-belts are also a common choice for industrial applications. These belts are comparable to wedge belts in that they transmit heavier masses, but in a smaller kind. Slender v-belts are usually selected as 3V, 5V, and 8V and are denoted by their best width, multiplied by an eighth of an inch. Slim v-belt sections conform to a wedge belt profile and are usually standardized by companies. For example, part 3V corresponds to a wedge-sort profile, while section 5V corresponds to SPB.
Each slender and traditional v-belts are created of rubber stocks, which are typically composed of polymer or synthetic rubber. Material materials may possibly be utilized to protect the stock substance, including a layer of reinforcement and safety. Slim v-belts have a increased power ranking than conventional V-belts. This is because of to their greater depth-to-width ratio, which places much more of the reinforcing twine beneath the sheave.
The Wedge TLP ™ Slim V-belt from Continental attributes a homogeneous 1-piece design and style for greatest toughness and long-time period performance. These belts characteristic a higher-denier cord and can manage significant horsepower raises. These belts are perfect for industrial purposes. However, they are not as tough as their broader counterparts. The Wedge TLP is also an superb decision for large-responsibility industrial apps.

Cogged v-belts

A crucial benefit of cogged v-belts is their capability to increase electrical power output with no sacrificing trustworthiness. These belts are designed with precision-engineered cogs, which enable them to fit into smaller sized pulleys without reducing electricity output. Their uncooked-edge sidewalls and specially formulated EPDM rubber compound also assist give grip energy. Cogged v-belts are produced by Carlisle(r) and supply a number of advantages above standard belts.
The performance positive aspects of Cogged V-Belts are broadly acknowledged. The organization uses extra-toughness EPDM compounds in their belts to aid minimize downtime and power usage. They are ideal for demanding purposes these kinds of as electricity transmission. These belts are accessible in a assortment of sizes and cross-sections. The area number of Cogged v-belts is H3V, H4V, and H5V.
The main big difference among cogged v-belts and wedge belts is in the speak to angle. Whilst wedge and cogged v-belts have the exact same contact angle, the style and design differs. Cogged v-belts typically contain best and bottom layers of rubber, dampening rubber, tension cords, and prime and base metallic rings. Polychloroprene and polyester cords are widespread components for the prime and base levels, although aramid fibers are employed for punishing applications.
Cogged v-belts are much more flexible than classic v-belts. Because of the slots on the belt surface, they minimize bending resistance. They are appropriate with the identical pulleys as normal v-belts, and operate cooler and lengthier. They are also more effective than normal V-belts. If you are considering a cogged V-belt for your application, it may possibly be well worth it to look into the benefits of this belt kind.

Vast v-belts

Variable-pace v-belts are broader in cross part than classical v-belts. The layout of variable-pace v-belts differs dependent on the company, but typically characteristics a parallel top and base area. This type of v-belt wedges tightly into its pulley’s grooves, reducing energy decline and slippage. This type of v-belt is very best suited to purposes where pace modifications regularly.
Higher-efficiency Broad V-belts feature a fibre-bolstered EPDM rubber foundation. The ensuing supercharged EPDM blend is greater suited for applications in which the belts are topic to higher temperatures. This variety of travel belt can also exchange present drives with simplicity and effectiveness. CZPT delivers a extensive variety of travel belts for all programs. For programs exactly where slack is an concern, wrapped V-belts are a intelligent option.
Slim-V-belts, on the other hand, have a far more favorable height-to-width ratio. This indicates that a slender-V belt can be more compact even though still delivering the very same power transmission. These belts also have a lower mass, which minimizes centrifugal forces and enables greater speeds. Even so, slim-V-belts are prone to dress in, but are still a popular choice in a lot of programs.
In addition to getting more resilient, wrapped-V-belts have fabric-coated edges for better heat resistance. The substance covering wrapped-V-belts also protects them from harm from friction and external contaminants. As opposed to their rigid counterparts, these extensive-V-belts have an improved lifespan and require less upkeep and downtime. These are superb choices to typical v-belts. So, what are the advantages of Wide-V-belts?

Slender profile v-belts

When it arrives to choosing the ideal V-belt for your requirements, it is essential to understand the distinctions among slim profile and classical. Narrow profile V-belts are normally narrower in cross-section than classical v-belts. This helps make them perfect for higher-speed compact drives and mild-obligation programs. The subsequent part particulars the variances in between narrow and classical v-belts.
The tensile cords, or “cords,” are embedded into the rubber compound. These cords are the main electrical power-transmitting part of a slender profile v-belt. The stress cords are situated at the pitch diameter of the belt cross-part and increase the tensile strength. They are usually manufactured of metal, aramid fibers, or polyester. The core is normally made of polyurethane, but other supplies can be used.
When measuring the v-belt’s width, it is essential to comprehend the a variety of sign-codes. Some v-belts have the incorrect indication-coding schema. For instance, a classical profile belt should be read through as Lw = 3522 mm, while a slender profile belt need to be study as La=3553mm. A slim profile v-belt has a steeper facet-wall, which will increase the wedging action. Moreover, the narrow profile v-belt has greater load ability.
Regardless of their name, slim profile v-belts are the most widely employed and versatile kind of v-belts. They are also the easiest to put in. Their standard dimension is comparable to that of a wedge, and their number is derived from their numerical prefix. A slender profile v-belt with a 3L300 element number is 3/8″ vast and three hundred. inches lengthy.

Broad profile v-belts

Broad profile v-belts are created for heavy-obligation programs exactly where extreme functionality is essential. They are excellent for this sort of purposes because of to their higher-flexural power and shock-resistance. They also appear with a lot of rewards, including great noise-reduction, enhanced sturdiness, and easy routine maintenance. This report explores the attributes of wide profile v-belts and how they can benefit your business.
Classical v-belts have an internal dimensional metric marking referred to as the “CZPT.” This identifies each and every distinct belt. Normally, this variety is a mixture of the typical profile dimensions designation letter and the internal duration in inches. The within length of the v-belt is indicated on the index of the v-belt. To begin putting in the v-belt, mark the floor in which it will be hung. Tape the end end marker to the very first adhere.
Narrow v-belts are narrower than normal broad v-belts. They are also accessible in raw-edge cogged profiles and are meant for light-weight-duty programs. Narrow V-belts are also offered in 4 sizes. Compared to regular vast profile v-belts, slim v-belts are most proper for higher-pace, compact drives. Nevertheless, broad profile v-belts are normally lengthier than slender V-belts.
A v-belt is composed of various varieties of rubber and reinforcements. It undergoes tensile and compressive stresses on the two sides. The top facet of a v-belt ordeals longitudinal tensile drive, although the bottom facet is subjected to compression against a pulley. Additionally, the included angle of a v-belt area is 40 deg. Various varieties of v-belts are accessible in accordance to their cross-sections and functionality requirements.

Common v-belts

If you are setting up v-belts, you should know the correct way to evaluate them. Many v-belts are mislabelled as vintage or SPA. If you are uncertain of which 1 to select, you can refer to the common v-belts index. The simple way to evaluate v-belts is by utilizing a measuring tape or a cable tie. Making use of the correct strategy will make sure you get the proper length.
A nicely-engineered V-belt is produced from an elastomer main, which is a substance that is resistant to abrasion. The elastomer core is normally composed of polyurethane, which has superb flexural toughness and shock resistance. In addition to the elastomer core, a fabric include protects the main from put on and environmental forces. Its cloth protect is treated to sort a chemical bond with the belt main, which increases the fabric’s resistance to continual bending.
The cross-area of a common V-belt is typically explained as a trapezium, with its top and base sides parallel. Knowing the cross-section of a normal V-belt is essential in matching it with a pulley. It is also essential to know how the v-belt is positioned on a pulley and how to pick the right belt for the task.

China OEM Rubber Belts     near me supplier China OEM Rubber Belts     near me supplier